Sarah  Lambert

Sarah Lambert

Operations Manager

After working at an online brokerage firm for over 13 years as an Investment Consultant, Sarah was ready for change and a new position.

She would drive by the Manifest office every day on her way to work, and always thought it would be nice to find out more about them since it was so close to home. One day she saw a job opening for the exact type of role she was looking for and decided to apply right away. The rest is history.

Sarah enjoys paperwork and getting things done behind the scenes to help the office run smoothly. In her role as the Operations Specialist, she is responsible for opening accounts and making sure they are funded, processing paperwork, and preparing for client meetings.

Sarah enjoys coming to work each day knowing she gets to work on what she loves and what she is good at. And while Andy, Adam, Peter and Kevin don’t understand how anybody can enjoy doing paperwork, she likes to remind them that someone needs to do it, and it may as well be someone who loves it. And for this, they are very thankful!

When not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. They love being outdoors or at the lake as much as possible. She loves to cook and try out new recipes as well as crochet and read. Her favorite charities are Feed My Starving Children, which her daughter enjoys attending packing events with her, and Together Rising, a charity which believes that to lift a family or community, you need to lift a woman.

The family recently welcomed a new addition, a Golden Retriever puppy they named Autumn.